Contraptions To Hold Your Video Device

I’ve had a few folks ask what I use to hold my video device and since I fell upon an inexpensive and incredibly handy couple of options, I thought I’d share.

First, I use a GoPro to video, but only because I need to be sure the quality is beyond amazing. However, in my daily life, I use my phone for everything else – video included. So of course, that would be my recommendation for you as well.

I recommend 3 parts to make your videoing easier and all three are listed in this picture:

1) Luxebell Jaws Flex Clamp Mount with Adjustable Neck (link below). The description says for use with a GoPro, don’t worry, item #3 below will make it compatible with most phones as well. I like this item because I can clip it to just about anything (a jump upright, the side of my a-frame, a table edge, the rim of a potted plant…whatever is available and then the neck adjusts so I can be sure I get just the right angle.

2) GoPro Camera Ball Joint Buckle (link below). The GoPro made version is a bit pricey, so check around for other manufacturers. What you’re looking for is the bottom hinge which easily clips into the Flex Camp Mount above and the Camera Ball Joint.

3) I happened to have a selfie stick that had an adjustable end for my camera, so I used that.

Here’s what everything looks like all together:




Video Hookup2

While doing some research I found some other options, but I have not seen these in person, but they do get high reviews on Amazon.

Here is a phone tripod:

If you already have a tripod, here’s the clip for the phone:

And here is a flexible neck clip type similar to what I use:

GoPro items I mentioned above: