Dear Dog Owner

Dog training is the most amazing, scary, confusing, enlightening, joyful, frustrating and satisfying journey of my life. During our time together, I suspect you’re going to feel some of those same high’s and lows as well. Here are a few things to remember:

I Want You to Succeed. Everything that has been created here has been to teach you, challenge you and add to your growth. This is your dog-related learning journey and I’m honored to be a part of that.

Be Trainable. That means 1) Remove any predispositions – it’s easy to say “I know that”, “I’ve already done that” or even “I was told never to do that…”. All I ask is that you do the steps when asked (they will build up to greater things); and 2) Come to Training with an Open Mind – embrace the knowledge, exercises and information being shared.

Ask Questions. You will have questions. I will answer all course related questions. I do my best to answer all questions within 48 hours, excluding weekends (Thurs -Sunday as I travel for dog-related events). If I don’t answer within 48 hours (excluding weekends), please resend your question as it may simply have gotten lost in cyber-space or I’m traveling and don’t have internet access (yes, there are places like that).

“Mistakes” Are NEVER a Sign of Failure. “Mistakes” are a sign that you and/or your dog are on the path of learning. None of us come out of the box “perfect”, rather we all develop into greater beings. This is especially true in dog training, so rather than see “mistakes” as a failure, see them for what they really are – a sign that change is occurring.

Be the Best You. Training and growth sometimes means challenging what you know, pushing you out of that comfort zone, asking you to go back to basics when you just want to RUN and a whole host of ‘things’ that are too long to list here. On-line training is not immune to these issues. If that happens, take a deep breath, go get a glass of water, kiss your dog, whatever it takes…and then approach the lesson again.

Be Respectful. I have faith that each of you will treat each other, yourself, your dog(s) and me with respect. If not, I do reserve the right to dismiss you, without a refund, from training. I’ve only had to do this once in my 20 years of training, so I’m confident all will be fine.

Which Questions Should Be Asked Where. If you want input or have a question on something in the actual agility training, feel free to ask in the Facebook Community (especially if you would like feedback on videos). All other questions should be asked privately by emailing me at (this includes all technical, billing, sign-in items, etc.)